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Real Busy for the Holiday Season!!!!

I will be going to Memphis this January for the National Blues Competition......Along with Steve Arvey and the Swamp Rats.   Will also be working with the Sarasota Chalk festival in November.  We have already donated a guitar for the Honor the Vets theme. Looking forward to doing a 2 day seminar in Raskin, Fl. next May.

We will also have a booth at the Orlando guitar convention......Not to mention March and the Cigar City Brewers event.

And finally........The 2nd annual Snook Haven Blues festival was a major success....sold many guitars and had so much fun.

That's it for now....back to the shop and catching up with the Holiday rush!!!


The HOBO!!!!


God Bless America


Just finished the donation of a new build for the Sarasota Calk Festival that my wife Sue Anne and myself will be very active in this year.  The theme is Honoring Our Veterans.  This build will be auctioned off at The Sarasota Hub kick off party for the Chalk Festival....Nothing like giving  back and appreciating.

Hi you guys...I'm BACK!!

Its been a while since I last posted in my blog...In actuality ....that's a good thing as I have been very busy with my builds...   I also FINALLY!!!! opened a wood shop to do my bulding....Great reliefe to my wife....getting me out of the house that is.

We are now up to # 220 builds and getting better all of the time.....

Great new musician friends doing gigs with my CBGs....George Worthmore, Steve Arvey, Tom MacKnight, Bob Dielman,  Mike Davis, Ed Wright ....and the list goes on.

My Gulf Coast Journal and Arts Plus documentary on WEDU Public Service Television has gone national ....what a break for Cottin Pickin Blues.

We are also in the process of filming a new video on the Cigar Box Guitar Revolution....That will be posted  upon release.


I would like to congradulate George Worthmore....International acclaimed guitarist for all of his help and the release of his ne CD...George Worthmore and Friends Live at the Blue Rooster.

Here he is playing one of my builds.....

Please contact me for any questions concerning my work.......Thanks you my friends!



Florida Craftsman 6 week event!!!!


Jeanie's Guitar

Specially designed for my friend Jeanie.  Photos covered plexi-glass on both sides.  One of the nicest yet.......Thanks so much Jeanie!!!



Now's the time to place your order for an orginal Cottin Pickin Blues Guitar for the holidays....for yourself or as a gift.  All are now being made acoustic/electric.  Over 160 already made and distributed around the world.  What started out and a hobby has turned into a monster.  Very happy and appreciate all of the wonderful people I have been meeting along the way.



GOD Bless America

CottinPickinBlues has just finished the latest and greatest!  This CBG is being donated to the Veteran's Association in an effort to aid some of our less fortunate Vets.    It will be auctioned off on July 28.  For further details on this event and other benefit events please contact


Also Steve Arvey and  myself were interviewed by News Channel 8 (NBC affiliate)  WFLA in Tampa.    It aired this morning and the phone has not stopped ringing.  Check it out!!!

Just doing out share to say thanks!!!!


CottinPickinBlues...Cigar Box Guitars

Steve Cinnamon


CottinPickinBlues  makes headlines again.......

The Observer of Lakewood Ranch, Longboat Key, Lido.........has just published another article on CottinPickinBlues

Great story....The Gulfcoast loves my builds!!!!   Next story will be next week in Creative Loafing  of Tampa and following that we're on TV again......News Channel 8  (NBC affiliate)  WFLA.  Being interviewed the week of the 9th of July!!!   

Cigar Box Guitars by Cottin Pickin Blues

Cigar Boxes all over my workshop.  I have 9 projects on the bench as I write this blog.   Real damp weather here in Sarasota....Thanks Debby!!!!.  Having lots of wasted time waiting for stains to dry.  Just about ready to fret though.  Cottin Pickin Blues has just joined the Facebook Blues Society!!!    4,000 members internationally.

Cigar Box Guitars by CPB........over 150 made and not complaints......Very rewarding.

Contact me for detains on custom models using your boxes or mine.

Visit us on Facebook for up to the minute news.

Here's a video of Steve Arvey at the Craftsman House in St. Pete. playing one of my builds.



 Steve Cinnamon


New & Exciting

Cottin Pickin Blues Cigar Box Guitars was just interviewed by Creative Loafing of Tampa, Florida.  Will be in the July 4th edition. 

I'm right now building a 3 string electric out of a Gurkah Assasin cigar box.  It's a tricky one as the box is really a humidor and made out of composit and wood.  The top is about 3/4 inch thick.  Should be a beautifull piece when completed.  

Getting ready for theCottin Pickin Blues Brother's cigar box band ...first gig in August.  More details to come.

The last build was a gift for a 92 year old wonderful lady.  

And finally....The event at Gaspar's Smoke Shop last weekend was a blast...The Pig Roast was wonderful.  Lots of interest in Cottin Pickin Blues's work.  Thanks to Cliff and DC.

Ya Gotta Luv this stuff.

Steve Cinnamon 


Big Cigar and Cigar Box Event at Gaspars in Tampa



Big event this Saturday June 16th.....Its the annual pig roast and party.  Lots of food, great smokin, great people, great fun.  A day to remember!!!!


I'll have some of my Cigar Box Guitars on desplay and for sale.  Try them out and see what you think.  I can custom design any crazy ideas you may have.   Business has been great!!!  Lots of thanks so C.B. Gitty  Crafter Supply

Getting ready to build my first Bass Gigar Box Guitar for the new  Cottin Pickin Blues Brothers band!!

More to come......




Gulf Coast Journal Team.....Cottin Pickin Blues Feature

Jack Perkins, Steve Cinnamon, Jen Noble and Brad Clore........TheGulf Coast Journal  shoot.  Visit WEDU Tampa, go to Gulf Coast Journal and see the May 31 entry!!    What a great bunch of people to work with!!!

Cottin Pickin Blues....Cigar Box Guitars


It's getting crazy!!!  Cottin Pickin Blues is growing by leaps and bounds.    We just finished a show at Aces Lounge in Bradenton, Florida with Steve Arvey and a load of open mike musicians.  All were playing Cigar Box Guitars by Cottin Pickin Blues.    I have a few guitars heading up to the Chicago Blues Festival as of this writing.   How does this name sound for a cigar box band????....  The Cottin Pickin Blues Brothers........A base CBG and a regular electric backed up with a serious drummer.  We're working on it and will keep you posted.   Making lots of very talented friends and having fun doing it.   Really building a legacy.  Next project....a Stomp Box.    I think I'll start it now.    Stay tuned.......Steve-O-Phonic

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