COTTIN PICKIN BLUES

                                                Cigar Box Guitars

Cottin Pickin Blues....Cigar Box Guitars


It's getting crazy!!!  Cottin Pickin Blues is growing by leaps and bounds.    We just finished a show at Aces Lounge in Bradenton, Florida with Steve Arvey and a load of open mike musicians.  All were playing Cigar Box Guitars by Cottin Pickin Blues.    I have a few guitars heading up to the Chicago Blues Festival as of this writing.   How does this name sound for a cigar box band????....  The Cottin Pickin Blues Brothers........A base CBG and a regular electric backed up with a serious drummer.  We're working on it and will keep you posted.   Making lots of very talented friends and having fun doing it.   Really building a legacy.  Next project....a Stomp Box.    I think I'll start it now.    Stay tuned.......Steve-O-Phonic

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