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Hi you guys...I'm BACK!!

Its been a while since I last posted in my blog...In actuality ....that's a good thing as I have been very busy with my builds...   I also FINALLY!!!! opened a wood shop to do my bulding....Great reliefe to my wife....getting me out of the house that is.

We are now up to # 220 builds and getting better all of the time.....

Great new musician friends doing gigs with my CBGs....George Worthmore, Steve Arvey, Tom MacKnight, Bob Dielman,  Mike Davis, Ed Wright ....and the list goes on.

My Gulf Coast Journal and Arts Plus documentary on WEDU Public Service Television has gone national ....what a break for Cottin Pickin Blues.

We are also in the process of filming a new video on the Cigar Box Guitar Revolution....That will be posted  upon release.


I would like to congradulate George Worthmore....International acclaimed guitarist for all of his help and the release of his ne CD...George Worthmore and Friends Live at the Blue Rooster.

Here he is playing one of my builds.....

Please contact me for any questions concerning my work.......Thanks you my friends!



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