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Cottin Pickin Blues Cigar Box Guitars was just interviewed by Creative Loafing of Tampa, Florida.  Will be in the July 4th edition. 

I'm right now building a 3 string electric out of a Gurkah Assasin cigar box.  It's a tricky one as the box is really a humidor and made out of composit and wood.  The top is about 3/4 inch thick.  Should be a beautifull piece when completed.  

Getting ready for theCottin Pickin Blues Brother's cigar box band ...first gig in August.  More details to come.

The last build was a gift for a 92 year old wonderful lady.  

And finally....The event at Gaspar's Smoke Shop last weekend was a blast...The Pig Roast was wonderful.  Lots of interest in Cottin Pickin Blues's work.  Thanks to Cliff and DC.

Ya Gotta Luv this stuff.

Steve Cinnamon 


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