History has a strange way of repeating itself and the 150 year old tradition of the Cigar Box Guitar is no exception to the rule.

After arriving in Venice, Florida from the NY Metro area about 10 years ago, being married on the beach at sunset, the new home and all....... and assuming to finally reach the American dream we found ourselves caught up in what is generally considered some of the roughest times for our country.

The American dream (or economic nightmare as many would agree) hit my family with a resounding crash........ BANG!!!!

Lost everything but our motivation to land on our feet. …......and so we have.

A long time friend of mine told me about this crazy instrument that's made of ordinary items that you would find around the house........THE CIGAR BOX GUITAR. I was intrigued to say the least. So off I went into the depths of the Internet to pursue every piece of information that I could find on the subject. I was amazed, fascinated and caught up in this 150 year old lost art.

A few days later I found myself entrenched in an effort to build one of these "things". While working on the project, a friend of my wife's saw what I was doing and asked to me to make one for her, as she had a close friend that would

appreciate it. She even went so far as to say that she would pay me for my efforts. Well that's all I had to hear!!!! She bought the first one and that was the beginning of Cottin Pickin Blues.

This all came about 4 years ago and since then I have built, sold and donaed over 400 Cigar Box Guitars. Low and behold....the American dream is resurrected.

As time progressed my builds got more and more refined. Both the acoustic and electrics are works of art....I have been featured in The Sarasota Herald Tribune, The Venice Gondolier, Tampa Tribune, St. Pete Times, Paste Magazine, Smoke Magazine, The Florida Weekly, The Observer.......Been on FOX 13, SNN TV News and the icing on the cake was Friday, May 31, 2012, I was featured on The Gulf Coast Journal with Jack Perkins on WEDU TV, (Tampa) which has gone national and the March 2014 edition of The COSTCO Conection.

It's happening and its exciting!!! My CBG's hav also toured Europe with Steve Arvey ( a well known Gulf Coast blues musician).

Please feel free to contact me for any further information. Custom made just for you. A gift, an instrument, a wall hanger, a piece of Americana!!!

Best to you all,

Steve Cinnamon

Cottin Pickin Blues

Cigar Box Guitars....Custom built and designed in the USA